Frequently Asked Questions


We get a lot of questions from vendors about our events. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that might help you find out more about how we operate and if our events are the right events for your small business.


Where does Pau Hana Events host events?

Currently, we host events in the Sacramento and Elk Grove area.  


Does Pau Hana Events plan on hosting events in the Bay Area?

We are always looking for new locations/venues to host our events.  We hope to host an event in the Bay Area in 2023.


How much are vendor fees for events?

Vendor fees vary based on location and various other factors. We know that vendor fees can get out of hand at times and fees can affect the vendor in many ways.  This is why we work hard to stay competitive with our vendor fees for our events.    


What is the estimated attendance for your events?

This question gets asked a lot.  We typically find it hard to answer this question to vendors since individual events take on a life of its own. But for reference, our most recent events have drawn over 3-4 thousand attendees. But there are so many factors that can affect an event and attendance.  (i.e. location, date, time, weather)

We use the power of our marketing strategy to get the best possible outcome for events and we also ask vendors to help on their side to promote the event with us.  We cannot guarantee or estimate attendance to events but just know that we work hard to get the best possible outcome.


What does my vendor fee go to?

Pau Hana Events works hard to keep our vendor fees competitive.  We operate a little different compared to other event organizations as Pau Hana Events does not make a profit off of the events we host like most event organizations do.  We are NOT currently a registered non profit organization.  We use all vendor fees for event venue, marketing and promotions, event material and other things that help us put our events together. 


Does Pau Hana Events offer refunds for vendors that can't make it to event?

Currently, Pau Hana Events does NOT offer refunds for vendor cancellation to events.  


If I (the vendor) have to cancel or are not able to be a vendor at an event, can I transfer my vendor fee to a future event?

In most cases, vendor fees can be transferred to a future event.  There are factors in transferring event fees to future events and this is why he handle fee transfers on a case by case basis.  Please contact us if you're not able to make an event that you've already paid for to see what options we have available to you. Contact us at


Does Pau Hana Events take a percentage of sales from vendors at events?

This has been a touchy issue for vendors recently.  It seems that a lot of event companies/organizations are making this a requirement to be a vendor at their events.  Rest assured, we will never ask vendors for a percentage of sales for our events unless a specific event is geared towards helping or donating to an organization.  For our standard pop up events, percentage of sales, will never be a requirement.


Should I (the vendor) offer discounts to other vendors at events?

Offering discounts to other on-site vendors at an event is something we always encourage.  Offering discounts to other vendors is not required and the decision is up to you.


Can I use the audio used in Pau Hana Events promotional and marketing ads for my own use?

The audio that is created for our promotional and marketing ads are strictly prohibited from vendors editing or modifying from the original audio.  Pau Hana Events owns all rights and necessary permission to the audio and voice over used in ads.  As vendors, you can repost the image or video with audio but are not allowed to be reproduced in any way.


Do I (the vendor) get a Featured Vendor/Vendor Spotlight for events? If so, does Pau Hana Events charge a fee for it?

Pau Hana Events does not charge vendors for Featured Vendor/Vendor Spotlight social media posts.  Featured Vendor/Vendor Spotlight will be based on the time application and vendor fees are submitted.  If vendor has submitted everything required before the specific deadline, we will post a Featured Vendor/Vendor Spotlight with your business name in the audio.  If vendor has submitted late or is a late addition to the event, vendor will not have business name in audio.  Late vendors will have "Just Added" in the audio instead of their business name.


Does Pau Hana Events accept volunteers for events?

We do accept volunteers for our events.  Volunteers and availability are based on location.  Please contact us if you're interested in being a volunteer at our events. Contact us at